Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

7mm, 1.35ct- 14kt White Gold White Sapphire Pendant



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This womensbeautiful womensSri womensLankan womensSapphire womensmeasures womens7mm womensand womensweights womens1.35ct. womensNormal womensheat womensonly, womenshence, womensthe womensclarity.Set womensin womensa womensvery womenssubstanual womens14kt womenswhite womensgold womens4 womensprong womenssetting.Can womensbe womensreset womensin womensyellow womensgold womensat womensthe womensmarket womensprice.Clarity womensVVS/IFColor womensDHardness womens9Diamonds womensare womensa womens10 womenson womensthe womenshardness(Mohn) womensscale. womensAnd womensfor womensa womenssapphire womensof womensthese womensspecs womensand womenssize, womensit womenswould womensbe womensthousands womensat womensan womensin-store womensjeweler.Layaway womensavailable. womensWith womensjust womensa womenslittle womensdown womenspayment, womensit womensis womenspossible womensto womensobtain womensthis womensbeautiful womenspendant.No womensfees, womensno womensdead womenslines womensand womensyou womensmake womensthe womensterms.Can womensship womensmost womensanywhere.Chain womensnot womensincluded.

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