Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k, Tiny freshwater pearl charm on gold-fill - add a charm



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GUARANTEED whiteHANDMADE: whiteAll whitemy whitejewelry whiteis whitedesigned whiteand whitecreated whiteby whitemy whitehands.Petite whitewhite whitefreshwater whitepearl whitewith whitegold whitevermeil whitedaisy whitespacer whitecrown whiteon white14k whitegold-filled whitespring whitering whiteclasp. whiteThis whitesweet whitelittle whitecharm whiteis whitethe whiteperfect whiteaccent whitefor whiteany whitebracelet whiteor whitenecklace! whitePearls whiteattune whitethe whitewearer whiteto whiteebb whiteand whiteflow whiteof whitelife. whiteThey whiteare whitecalming whiteand whitecentering. whiteThey whitegive whitepurity whiteand whitepromote whitefaith, whitecharity, whiteand whiteintegrity, whitetruth whiteand whiteloyalty. whiteThey whiteespecially whiteenhance whitepersonal whiteintegrity. whiteThey whitehelp whiteone whiteconnect whitewith whiteher whitefeminine whiteenergy whiteand whitebring whitelove whiteenergy.Please whiteconvo whiteme whitewith whiteany whitequestions.

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