Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Vintage Pink Opal Sterling Silver Ring 1960 Era



In stock



This jewelryis jewelrya jewelryVintage jewelryPink jewelryOpal jewelrySterling jewelrySilver jewelryRing. jewelry1960 jewelryEra. jewelryIt jewelryis jewelryin jewelrygood jewelrycondition jewelrywith jewelrynormal jewelryage jewelrywear. jewelryI jewelryam jewelrynot jewelrysure jewelryof jewelrythe jewelrysize, jewelrybut jewelryit jewelryis jewelrysomewhat jewelrysmall jewelryand jewelryfits jewelrymy jewelrypinkie jewelryfinger. jewelryA jewelrySquare jewelryOpal jewelryand jewelryan jewelryengraved jewelrydesign jewelryon jewelryeach jewelryside jewelryof jewelrythe jewelryring. jewelryI jewelryship jewelryto jewelrythe jewelryUSA. jewelryNo jewelryInternational jewelryshipping. jewelryI jewelryalso jewelryinsure jewelryall jewelryof jewelrymy jewelrypackages jewelryto jewelrythe jewelryUSA jewelryto jewelrymake jewelrysure jewelrythat jewelrythey jewelryarrive jewelryto jewelryyou jewelrysafely. jewelryAny jewelryquestions, jewelryplease jewelryask jewelrybefore jewelrypurchasing. jewelryThanks jewelryfor jewelrylooking.

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