Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

petrified wood, Vintage Native American Design Deep Dark Cherry Red Garnet Sterling Silver Ring



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This petrified woodis petrified wooda petrified woodVintage petrified woodNative petrified woodAmerican petrified woodDesign petrified woodDeep petrified woodDark petrified woodCherry petrified woodRed petrified woodGarnet petrified woodSterling petrified woodSilver petrified woodRing. petrified woodIt petrified woodis petrified woodin petrified woodgood petrified woodcondition petrified woodwith petrified woodnormal petrified woodage petrified woodwear. petrified woodThe petrified woodsize petrified woodis petrified wood petrified wood8 petrified wood1/2. petrified woodThe petrified woodsterling petrified wooddesign petrified woodhas petrified wooda petrified woodNative petrified woodAmerican petrified wooddesign petrified woodsurrounding petrified woodthe petrified woodstone petrified woodin petrified woodthe petrified woodsterling petrified woodpart. petrified woodI petrified woodincluded petrified woodphoto's petrified woodthe petrified woodbest petrified woodthat petrified woodI petrified woodcould petrified woodof petrified woodthe petrified woodhallmarks petrified woodfrom petrified woodmy petrified woodcamera. petrified woodYou petrified woodcan petrified woodbarely petrified woodread petrified woodit petrified woodbut petrified woodit petrified woodis petrified woodmarked petrified wood925 petrified woodand petrified woodit petrified woodlooks petrified woodlike petrified woodtwice petrified woodbecause petrified woodthey petrified woodcould petrified woodnot petrified woodget petrified woodthe petrified wood9 petrified woodto petrified woodprint petrified woodso petrified woodyou petrified woodmainly petrified woodsee petrified woodthe petrified wood25. petrified woodVery petrified woodPretty petrified woodand petrified woodUnique. petrified woodI petrified woodship petrified woodto petrified woodthe petrified woodUSA. petrified woodNo petrified woodInternational petrified woodshipping. petrified wood petrified woodI petrified woodalso petrified woodinsure petrified woodall petrified woodof petrified woodmy petrified woodpackages petrified woodto petrified woodthe petrified woodUSA petrified woodto petrified woodmake petrified woodsure petrified woodthat petrified woodthey petrified woodarrive petrified woodto petrified woodyou petrified woodsafely. petrified woodAny petrified woodquestions, petrified woodplease petrified woodask petrified woodbefore petrified woodpurchasing. petrified woodThanks petrified woodfor petrified woodlooking.

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