Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Large Vintage 1960's Pinblue crystal, Dazzling BLUE Rhinestones and AURORA Borealisblue crystal, STATEMENT Piece Brooch



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On large broochthe large broochlarge large broochside large broochmeasuring large broochabout large brooch3 large brooch3/4" large broochlong large broochx large broochjust large broochunder large brooch2" large broochwide, large broochthis large broochheavy large broochvintage large broochrhinestone large broochbrooch large broochis large broocha large broochreal large broochbeauty! large broochMade large broochin large broochthe large brooch1960's, large broochit large broochboasts large broochgorgeous large broochblue large broochrhinestones large broochin large brooch3 large broochshades large brooch(smokey large broochblue, large broochroyal large broochand large broochaqua) large broochand large broochblue large broochhued large broochAurora large broochBorealis large broochcrystal large broochstones large broochthat large broochare large broochall large broochbeautifully large broochprong large broochset large broochin large broochsilvertone large broochmetal. large broochA large broochwonderful large broochpin large broochthat large broochcan large broochbe large broochworn large broochon large broocha large broochcoat large broochlapel large broochor large broochthe large broochcenter large broochof large broocha large broochdaring large broochneckline. large broochWould large broochmake large broocha large broochgreat large broochnecklace large broochif large broochattached large broochonto large broocha large broochvintage large broochrhinestone large broochnecklace! large broochThis large broochpiece large broochin large broochin large broochgood large broochshape. large broochUpon large brooch10X large broochmagnification large broochinspection, large broochI large broochfound large brooch2 large broochstone large broochpoints large broochthat large broochare large broochchipped. large broochIf large broochyou large broochzoom large broochon large broochthe large broochfirst large broochpic, large broochyou large broochwill large broochsee large broochthe large broochtop large broochpoint large broochof large broochthe large broochsmokey large broochblue large broochteardrop large broochstone large broochon large broochthe large broochleft large broochthat large broochhas large broocha large broochchip. large broochThe large broochother large broochone large broochis large broochthe large broochbottom large broochroyal large broochblue large broochmarquise large broochstone large broochat large broochthe large broochleft large broochpoint, large broochstill large broochthe large broochdisplay large broochis large broochfabulous! large broochThe large broochclasp large broochworks large broochgreat. large broochCondition large broochwas large broochfactored large broochin large broochwhen large broochpricing. large broochI large broochhad large broochthis large broochfor large brooch$75 large broochin large broochmy large broochshop large broochbefore large broochI large broochnoticed large broochthe large broochchips.

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