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animal, Hare Pendant



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My animalHare animalPendant animalis animalmade animalfrom animalsolid animalsilverIt animalis animalapproximately animal34mm animalwide animalfrom animaltoe animalto animaltoe.I animalhave animalmodelled animalit animalto animallook animallike animalit's animalleaping animalthrough animalan animalAnglesey animalmeadow.There animalare animalmany animalexamples animalof animalhares animalin animalCeltic animalMythology animalincluding animalwomen animalable animalto animalshape-shift animalinto animalhares animaland animalmany animalcultures animallinking animalhares animalwith animalthe animalmoon.I animalhand animalfinish animalall animalmy animalpieces animalat animalmy animalhome animalstudio animalon animalAnglesey.Supplied animalon animala animallength animalof animalblack animalsatin animalcord animalready animalto animalwear.

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