Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Penny Bird Necklacecoin, sterling silver and copper pennycoin, mixed metal bird charmcoin, bird jewelrycoin, coin pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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Perfect pennyfor pennybird pennylovers, pennyanyone pennywho pennycollects pennycoins, pennyor pennyanyone pennywho pennyjust pennylikes pennyto pennysmile.The pennycharm pennyon pennythis pennynecklace pennyis pennymade pennyfrom pennya pennyUSA pennypenny penny(copper) pennywith pennysterling pennysilver pennydetails pennyand pennya pennysterling pennysilver pennychain. penny pennyThe pennycharm pennycan pennybe pennyworn pennywith pennythe pennybird pennyfacing pennyeither pennyleft pennyor pennyright. penny pennyThis pennycomes pennyfrom pennymy pennyrecent pennyexplorations pennywith pennyvarious pennycurrencies. penny pennyThis pennypiece pennycomplies pennywith pennyfederal pennyregulations pennyon pennyaltering pennycoins pennyand pennyis pennyperfectly pennylegal penny:) penny pennySadly, pennyI pennycannot pennyaccept pennyrequests pennyfor pennyspecific pennyyears pennyon pennythe pennycoins.***********************************************************Click pennythe penny'Shipping pennyand pennyPolicies' pennytab penny(next pennyto pennythe pennyphotographs pennyat pennythe pennytop pennyof pennythe pennythis pennydescription) pennyfor pennyinformation pennyon pennyshipping pennytimes pennyand pennymy pennyshop pennypolicies.https://www./shop/KathrynRiechert#policiesSend pennyme pennyan pennyetsy pennyconvo pennyor pennyemail pennywith pennyany pennyand pennyall pennyquestions.Thank pennyyou!

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