Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mother's Braceletpush present, Mom's Braceletpush present, Dainty Gold Braceletpush present, Gold Heart Braceletpush present, Bridesmaids Bracelet



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14k childgold childfilled childhammered childheart childsuspended childbetween child14k childgold childfilled childsparkly childflat childcable childchain. childThis childitem childis childmade childto childorder. childEach childheart childis childtruly childunique. childPlease childallow childup childto childone childweek childfor childme childto childmake childyour childitems.Please childfeel childfree childto childconvo childme childif childyou childhave childany childquestions.Please childvisit childmy childshop childfor childmore childunique childhandmade childitems childlike childthis!Follow childme childon childInstagram child- childteressalanejewelryLike childus childon childFacebook child- child

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