Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

traditional, Hand forged iron bangle



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Hand paganforged paganiron paganbracelet/bangle. paganFemale pagansize, paganhowever pagancan paganbe paganmade paganany pagansize paganto paganfit paganrequirements.Each paganproduct paganis paganmade paganto paganorder paganand pagantherefor pagancan paganbe paganaltered paganto pagansuit paganspecific paganpreferences. paganDon't paganhesitate paganto paganrequest pagana paganspecific paganfinish paganor paganchange paganin pagandesign paganetc!Please paganstate paganeither paganthe pagansex paganof paganthe paganindividual paganthat paganthe paganbangle paganis paganintended paganfor, paganor paganideally paganthe pagancircumference paganof paganthe pagansmallest paganpart paganof paganthe paganindividuals paganwrist paganin paganthe paganadditional pagannotes paganwhen paganplacing paganyour paganorder.

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