Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pagan, Hand forged iron bangle



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Asymmetric banglehand bangleforged bangleiron banglebangle banglewith banglea banglerustic, bangleweathered banglefinish. bangleEach bangleproduct bangleis banglemade bangleto bangleorder bangleand bangletherefor banglecan banglebe banglealtered bangleto banglesuit banglespecific banglepreferences. bangleDon't banglehesitate bangleto banglerequest banglea banglespecific banglefinish bangleor banglechange banglein bangledesign bangleetc!Please banglestate banglethe banglecircumference bangleof banglethe banglesmallest banglepart bangleof banglethe banglewrist banglein banglethe bangleadditional banglenotes banglewhen bangleplacing bangleyour bangleorder.

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