Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

whiting and davis co, Vintage Signed Whiting and Davis Romantic Oval Floral Brooch. Gold Floral Brooch. Fine Mid Century Costume Jewelry.



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This antique jewelrycharming, antique jewelryoval antique jewelryfloral antique jewelrypainted antique jewelrybrooch antique jewelrywould antique jewelrybe antique jewelrylovely antique jewelryon antique jewelrya antique jewelryblazer antique jewelrylapel antique jewelryor antique jewelrychunky antique jewelryknit antique jewelrysweater.Hallmarked antique jewelryon antique jewelrythe antique jewelryback.Pin antique jewelrystem antique jewelryand antique jewelryhinge antique jewelryin antique jewelrygreat antique jewelrycondition. antique jewelryExcellent antique jewelryvintage antique jewelrycondition antique jewelryMeasures: antique jewelry2" antique jewelryx antique jewelry1.25"

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