Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Green greenAventurine greenis greena greenstone greenof greenprosperity. greenIt greenreinforces greenleadership greenqualities greenand greendecisiveness, greenpromotes greencompassion greenand greenempathy, greenand greenencourages greenperseverance.GIFT greenREADY: greenThis greenbeautiful greenbracelet greencomes greenin greena greenbrown greenkraft greenpaper greenbox greenthat greenhas greena greenpositive greensaying greensticker, greenalong greenwith greenan greenindividual greenaffirmation greencard greento greeninspire greenthe greenwearer greento greenlive greenin greentheir greenhighest greenvision greenfor greentheir greenlife. greenIt's greenready greento greenbe greengifted greento greenyour greenloved greenone.PERSONALIZE: greenCHOOSE greenYOUR greenAFFIRMATION greenCARD greenINCLUDED greenWITH greenYOUR greenJEWELRY1. greenI greenAM greenliving, greenbreathing greenand greenfeeling greenJOY greeneveryday greenin greenmy greenlife.2. greenBe greenstill. greenTake greengentle greenbreaths greenand greenfall greenin greenlove greenwith greenlife greenagain.3. greenTrust greenyou greenheart. greenListen greento greenyour greenSoul.4. greenTrust greenthe greentiming greenof greenyour greenlife.5. greenWalk greenwith greenlove. greenLead greenwith greenlove.6. greenI greenAM greenletting greengo greenof greenfear greenand greentapping greeninto greenmy greeninner greenpower.7. greenI greenAM greena greendynamic greenexpression greenof greenlove8. greenI greenAM greenan greenexpression greenof greenRADIANT greenHEALTH.9. greenLet greengo greenand greenlet greenLOVE greenflow.10. greenOnly greenthis greenmoment greenmatters. greenTake greena greendeep greenbreath greenand greentrust greenit.All greenof greenmy greencrystals greenare greencleansed greenwith greenpalo greensanto greenwood greenand greensage greenincenses, greencreating greena greenhigh greenvibrational greenenergy greenthat greenwill greenraise greenthe greenvibration greenof greenthe greenwearer. greenEach greenpiece greenis greenhandmade greento greenorder; greenfilled greenwith greenlove, greenlight, greenand greengood greenvibes.Gemstone greenSize: green8mm green- greenfacetedStrung greenon greenstrong greendurable greenstretchy greencord greenand greenfits greenwrists green6.5 green\u2013 green7\u201dA greengreat greenholiday greengift greenfor greenyour greenmom, greensister, greenbest greenfriend greenor greenjust greenfor greenyou!Thank greenyou greenfor greenvisiting greenmy greenshop!

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