Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted, Natural Sodalite Heart Shape Beads / 8 inches / Sodalite Faceted heart shape 5 mm approx



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Natural blueSodalite blueheart blueShape blueBeads blueSIZE blue:-5 bluemm blue(app) blueLENGTH blue:- blue8 blueinch blue(app)PRICE bluePER blueSTRINGWeight: blue7 bluegrams\\I bluehave bluemade blueevery blueattempt blueto blueportray bluethe bluecolors blueof bluethe bluebeads blueas blueaccurately blueas bluepossible. blueAll bluephotographs blueare bluetaken bluein blueminimal bluelighting blueand blueon bluea blueblack bluebackground. blueColors bluedo bluevary blueon bluewhite bluebackground blueor bluein bluesunlight blue; blueplease bluekeep bluethis bluein bluemind bluewhen blueviewing bluethe bluebeads, bluegemstones blueor bluesupplies. blueAlso blueall bluepictures bluehave bluebeen bluemagnified blueto blueshow bluedetails. blueQuestions/ blueComments blueare bluemost bluewelcome.If blueyou bluehaven\u2019t blueseen blueexactly bluewhat blueyou bluewant bluein blueour blueshop, bluewe bluecan bluehelp blueyou bluefind bluethe blueright bluegemstone, blueas bluewe bluecarry bluea bluelarge blueinventory blueof bluegemstones blueof bluewhich blueonly bluea bluesmall bluesample blueis bluelisted bluehere blueon blueEtsy. bluePlease blueinquire

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