Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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14 earringsmm earringsclear earringsSwarovski earringscrystal earringsrings earringswith earringsa earringschain earringsmaille earringsbail earringsin earringssterling earringssilver. earringsFrench earringshook earringsearwires, earringsalso earringsin earringssterling earrings(.925). earringsThe earringscrystal earringssparkles earringsdifferent earringscolors, earringsdepending earringson earringswhat earringsit earringsreflects, earringsit's earringscalled earringsan earringsaurora earringsborealis earringscoating. earringsDress earringsthese earringsup earringsor earringsdown, earringsyou earringscan earringswear earringswith earringsanything!

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