Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Alexanderite Lab- Created Ring (Color Changing)



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This ladies ringColor ladies ringChanging ladies ringAlexandrite ladies ringset ladies ringin ladies ring14k ladies ringwhite ladies ringgold.This ladies ringgem ladies ringcan ladies ringput ladies ring ladies ringin ladies ring14k ladies ringrose ladies ringor ladies ringyellow ladies ringgold ladies ringas ladies ringwell.It ladies ringis ladies ringquite ladies ringunique ladies ringsetting ladies ringand ladies ringreally ladies ringshows ladies ringoff ladies ringthe ladies ringgem, ladies ringperfectly! ladies ring ladies ringYou ladies ringwill ladies ringnotice ladies ringin ladies ringthe ladies ringlast ladies ringphoto ladies ringand ladies ringthe ladies ringmodel ladies ringof ladies ringthe ladies ringnew ladies ringsetting ladies ringstyle ladies ringthat ladies ringfits ladies ringperfectly ladies ringwith ladies ringthis ladies ringLovely ladies ringPurple ladies ringAlexandrite..Measures ladies ring16-16.5mm ladies ringand ladies ringweights ladies ring18ct.This ladies ringAlexandrite ladies ringdoes ladies ringactively ladies ringchange ladies ringcolor ladies ringfrom ladies ringpurple ladies ringto ladies ringmauve.The ladies ringsetting ladies ringcan ladies ringalso ladies ringbe ladies ringin ladies ringsterling ladies ringsilver ladies ringfor ladies ring$289.00 ladies ringplus ladies ringshipping.Layaway ladies ringavailable.

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