Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pink and black agate druzy focal beadpink and black, agate pendantpink and black, agatepink and black, healing stonepink and black, chakrapink and black, wire wrappingpink and black, beadingpink and black, bead embroidery P5



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This bright pinkis bright pinka bright pinkvery bright pinknice bright pinkagate bright pinkdruzy bright pinkflat bright pinkback bright pinkpendant. bright pink bright pinkPink bright pinkand bright pinkblack bright pinkagate bright pinkdruzy bright pinkfocal bright pinkbead, bright pinkagate bright pinkpendant, bright pinkagate, bright pinkhealing bright pinkstone, bright pinkchakra, bright pink bright pinkwire bright pinkwrapping, bright pinkbeading, bright pinkbead bright pinkembroidery. bright pink bright pinkUSA bright pinkshop bright pinkin bright pinkTennesseeMeasures bright pink35 bright pinkx bright pink50mm

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