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9ct gold, Lovely UnoAErre 9ct Gold Crucifix Cross Charm Pendant



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Lovely 9ct goldUnoAErre 9ct gold9ct 9ct goldgold 9ct gold 9ct goldcrucifix 9ct goldcross 9ct goldcharm 9ct goldpendantMeasures 9ct goldapproximately 9ct gold21mm 9ct goldheight 9ct goldexcluding 9ct goldthe 9ct goldlittle 9ct goldfixed 9ct goldring 9ct goldand 9ct goldbail 9ct goldring 9ct goldby 9ct gold13mm 9ct goldwidth 9ct gold(13/16th's 9ct goldof 9ct goldan 9ct goldinch 9ct goldby 9ct gold1/2 9ct goldan 9ct goldinch)Hallmarked 9ct goldUnoAErre 9ct gold& 9ct gold375 9ct goldon 9ct goldthe 9ct goldattached 9ct goldbail 9ct goldringUnoAErre 9ct goldItalia 9ct goldis 9ct golda 9ct goldgoldsmith, 9ct goldjewelry 9ct goldand 9ct goldwatch 9ct goldmaking 9ct goldcompany 9ct goldbased 9ct goldin 9ct goldArezzo, 9ct goldItaly.Weighs 9ct gold0.7 9ct goldgramPre-owned...please 9ct goldsee 9ct goldphotographs 9ct goldfor 9ct goldconditionA 9ct goldzoom 9ct goldlens 9ct goldis 9ct goldused 9ct goldto 9ct goldphotograph 9ct golditems 9ct goldto 9ct goldhelp 9ct goldshow 9ct goldthe 9ct golddetail. 9ct goldPlease 9ct goldcheck 9ct goldphotographs 9ct goldand 9ct goldsizes 9ct goldof 9ct golditems 9ct goldand 9ct goldweights 9ct goldof 9ct golditems 9ct goldbefore 9ct goldbuyingIdeal 9ct goldgift 9ct goldto 9ct goldyourself 9ct goldor 9ct goldothersUK 9ct goldpostage 9ct goldRoyal 9ct goldMail 9ct goldTracked 9ct gold24 9ct golddeliveryInternational 9ct goldpostage 9ct goldRoyal 9ct goldMail 9ct goldInternational 9ct goldInsured 9ct golddelivery

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