Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

statement earrings, Purple Textured Leather with Wood Disc/Oval Statement Earrings



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Textured purplepurple purpleleather purplegives purpleyour purpleoutfit purplea purplenice purplepunch purpleof purplecolor! purpleThese purpleserene purpleand purplebright purpleovals purplehang purplefrom purplea purplesmall purplewood purpleleather purpledisc. purple purpleDress purpleup purpleor purpledress purpledown! purplePerfect purpleto purplepair purplewith purplea purplelittle purpleblack purpledress, purplejeans purpleand purpleBirkenstocks purpleor purpleto purplespice purpleup purpleyour purplesweats purplewhen purpleyou've purplebeen purplestuck purplein purplethe purplehouse purplefor purplesix purplemonths purplestraight. purple:-) purple purpleCool purpleand purplefunky! purpleA purpletrue purpleone purpleof purplea purplekind purplestatement purplepiece!They purplemeasure purple2 purple3/8" purplein purplelength, purple1" purpleat purplethe purplewidest purplepart.Custom purplerequests purplewelcome.

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