Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

souvenirs, Pin for neckline neckliner pixels



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The small gifteye-catcher small giftfor small giftthe small giftneckline:neckliner small giftpixel, small giftthe small giftpin small giftfor small giftthe small giftcut-out, small giftcan small giftbe small gifteasily small giftclamped small giftwithout small giftdisturbing small giftneedle. small giftOn small giftthe small giftneckline, small gifton small gifta small giftblouse small giftor small giftshirt small giftpocket, small gifton small giftthe small giftcollar small giftor small giftorSize small giftapprox. small gift22 small giftmm small giftx small gift17 small giftmmSynthetic small giftresin/metal

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