Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage green 3 strand lucite necklacegreen lucite, juicy glowy collar choker



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1960s lucite necklacevintage lucite necklace3 lucite necklacestrand lucite necklacelucite lucite necklacenecklace. lucite necklaceThe lucite necklacegreen lucite necklaceis lucite necklaceso lucite necklacemuch lucite necklacebetter lucite necklacein lucite necklaceperson. lucite necklaceIt lucite necklacehas lucite necklacea lucite necklaceglowy, lucite necklacejuicy lucite necklacehue lucite necklaceI lucite necklacecouldn't lucite necklacecapture. lucite necklaceSubtly lucite necklacewhite lucite necklace"marbling" lucite necklacein lucite necklacethe lucite necklacebeads lucite necklaceadds lucite necklacedepth. lucite necklaceNote lucite necklacethe lucite necklacebeads lucite necklacedo lucite necklacenot lucite necklaceactually lucite necklaceglow, lucite necklacebut lucite necklacethey lucite necklacesure lucite necklacelook lucite necklacelike lucite necklacethey lucite necklaceshould. lucite necklaceExcellent lucite necklacecondition, lucite necklaceno lucite necklaceflaws. lucite necklaceMeasures lucite necklace16.5".Ships lucite necklacein lucite necklacea lucite necklacegift lucite necklacebox.I lucite necklacecombine lucite necklaceshipping lucite necklaceon lucite necklacemultiple lucite

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